Nurture your Nature.

Hello & Welcome,

I’m Kiannaa Avelin – Artist, Researcher, Herbalist, & Medicine Maker

I am the “Concoctress” behind Nature-Spirit Handcrafted Botanicals  – a small local, eco-ethical business on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC.

Nature-Spirit seeks to support and inspire holistic (spirit, mind, body) self-care practices – to promote a deeper connection and awareness of our natural world – with the purity and power of plants to assist people to relieve stress, support graceful aging, well-being, and enhanced skin care.


We make ancient elixirs for modern times

We produce and sell high quality plant-based products – internal and external medicinal preparations and natural body care.

Our specialty is herbal infused honey

We buy raw honey direct from local Beekeepers and make all our products in small batches, using the highest attainable ingredients and best grade herbs – primarily Certified Organic and Kosher Certified (or responsibly and consciously wildcrafted from pristine and abundant environments).

We focus on selecting herbs that have been revered for their medicinal qualities since ancient times (by various cultures around the world).

Our Vision

to inspire people to connect with the magic and beauty in Nature, learn more about Plants, and raise awareness about the Honey Bee

Core Values

Inspiring – There is a lot we can learn from studying nature and the ancient traditions

Quality – very high standards for obtaining the best herbs & ingredients, small production runs, carefully hand-crafted with consciousness (not mass produced). Using recyclable pharmaceutical grade glass for packaging.

Innovation – Simple yet novel and effective product formulations

Respectful – Transparency in product formulations, traceable growers and environmental stewardship

By aligning ourselves with Nature to get closer to the source of things, we can find our way back to align with truth and beauty.

Learn more about the simple yet profound magic of plants, bees and honey.  Follow the clues left by the Ancients…

Inspired Art

Nature Photography

coming soon.

Medicinal Lotions & Potions

High vitality herbal infusions to support enhanced wellness and graceful aging.

Internal:                                                   External:

Medicinal Honey                         Wound care – An Ointment Honey
Elixirs & Electuarys                    Facial Elixirs – Infused Honey
Tinctures, Essences                                                 Masks, Serums + more


Custom formulas available.


We make our products in small batches so if you’re interested in learning what’s available, please sign up to our mailing list to stay in touch! 🙂

You can also visit us in person most Wednesdays at the Robert’s Creek Farmgate Market beginning in December from 3-6 PM.